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Twelve stems of the world’s most exceptional roses. Hand-selected from top harvests around the world and blended based on color, size and texture.

Exclusive, thoughtful packaging transports the roses to your doorstep within 24 hours. Nestled within are all of the elements needed to complete your experience.


An exquisite pale mauve flower with a dramatic petal composition. Old and new influences produce the unique variations of Jove's pigment



Name inspiration

‘Jove’ is another name for the Roman god, Jupiter. It eventually became an expression of surprise or excitement. Jove is the stem of the world 'jovial' and has been given to a rose that captures the spirit of joyful moments


Each order contains 12 roses arranged by hand and presented in our Triangle Gift Box with our liquid rose food in a glass vial, handwritten gift note on letterpress stationery, care guide, floriography and satin ribbon


Our roses are guaranteed to open completely and last up to 7 days with proper care and maintenance.

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